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Parents! Are you bothered about your child who is suffering from a dental problem? And thinking how to find the best, top-rated kids’ dentist near you? Nothing to worry, we are here to help you and your kid to develop healthier smiles and our is the solution you have been looking for.
Childhood is the memorable stage in everyone’s life, and it is where the future can be moulded. At this early stage of life also, kids face dental problems which are the same as adults. But the child's teeth are still developing with soft tissue. If these are untreated it can lead to more serious problems as the child grows.
Children sometimes are not able to notice the dental problems because of their innocence. Parents must take initiative to deal with the dental issue of their child.

Common dental issues of the Child
Tooth decay, bad breath, sensitive teeth, Thumb sucking, Gum diseases, dental anxiety, teeth grinding, canker sores, baby teeth loss, over retained primary teeth, Our platform Pediatric Dentist will suggest and educate about the causes and preventive measures to the parent, especially the mother who is taking decisions about their kid’s health. 
Today meet our top-rated pediatric dentist near you to discuss about the dental issues of the Child and we assure you that you will be an ultimate witness to share the experience had, with our top-rated kid’s dentist 

Our dental team includes general dentists, Orthodontics, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Implantologists, Pedodontists, Endodontists, Oral and maxillo-facial surgeons, specialists in oral medicine and Radiology.

Our specialities include Teeth Cleaning, Teeth whitening, Extraction, Veneers, Fillings, Root canal, Bridges, Crowns, Braces/ Invisalign and Aligners, Bonding, Dentures, Dental Implants, Oral and maxillo-facial surgery, Advanced gum treatment, Pediatric Dentistry.

How to Increase Child Dental Care Awareness
Child dental care awareness can be enhanced by taking your child to a Top rated dentist clinic near you for dental check-ups on a regular basis (at least half-yearly if no symptoms). Make the child to cultivate dental habits like brushing, flossing twice a day and avoiding sugary foods and drinks, use low fluoride toothpaste, proper diet with required nutrients for growth and development of the child.

Dental services are at your footsteps
our platform dentists with multi-specialized in their profession will work and dedicate their valuable services to the dental patients not only during daytime/ working hours/weekdays [Monday-Friday] but ready to accept all sort of cases at any time during an emergency condition also that means they work for the dental patients for 24 hours a day/ weekends [Saturday & Sunday] so have an appointment with our local dentist who are top-rated in their profession 
How to book an Appointment with the Top-rated Dentist near you?
Patients who are looking for dental appointments with your preferred top-rated dentist near your location at an affordable cost can follow either method.

Patient Texts:
Patient can text their 5-digit zip code to our easily remember, highly recall, memorable unique contact number [1-TEETH N KIDS (1-833-846-5437)] (which are text enabled) associated to dental directories Patient has the choice to search, review and book appointment with affordable best kids dentist near your location, they prefer by clicking on the text link they receive as response to their 5-digit Zip code text.

Patient calls
Patient calls to our memorable toll-free number [1-TEETH N KIDS (1-833-846-5437)] These calls are forwarded to the exclusive member dentist for that memorable toll-free number in the requested zip code by the patient.

Patient on web
Patients can directly sign into our web to book an appointment with the dentist they preferred.
In all the 3 cases patient can have the appointment based on their preferred location, Insurance, language, sex, specialty, experience, ratings, reviews, time, and date. Once done with this process patients will receive a reminder notification about the appointment schedule through our automated system. 
Our Precious and more valuable patients after the treatment process, get the chance to reward their appointed dentist with the rating and can write the reviews based on their experience during and after the treatment process.

A dental practice’s growth goal is to bring in new patients and increase

Being a dentist is not an easy job. In this running world, no matter what the qualification, specialization one should have to be a perfect dentist like you, but still competition has been rising very promptly as the years are moving, so dentist must follow some ethics in maintaining all their dental practices like managing staff, dental treatment procedure using modernized techniques, also simultaneously focusing on insurance companies, treating your patients with high class environment of dental office culture. 

Dentists, if you have just started your practice very recently and are wondering how to generate the patient flow to your dental practice, or the experienced dentist can also wonder how to defeat the competition which has been rising very frequently. 
Though you are familiar with all the marketing tactics to grow and manage with the same spirit, still our platform believes that you are not able to manage the things simultaneously, as you have quite a busy schedule with the patients. 

Offering memorable dental numbers
We are very much glad to announce that our offering memorable, unique contact numbers for dental directories that no other does. Memorable dental numbers are always unforgettable, easy to remember, highly recalled. They are very much unique, special, and noteworthy which are significant for dentistry. A memorable dental contact number is a powerful marketing tool, widely used to generate marketing strategies for the dentists. 

Our main goal is to make the dentist generate more calls using these numbers to develop their brand. A memorable number is an asset to the dental industry, especially for those competing in an industry where a lot of enquiries are made over the phone. The fact that the number is aesthetically pleasing will strengthen your brand's image, but there are also other benefits that a memorable number brings which can help you keep an edge over your competitors. Dentists can receive a greater number of appointment calls from patients with the help of these memorable contact numbers which makes it easier, because they are very much remembered. 

What our platform does for dentists makes the dentist’s profile visible on our 50+ dental directories for a single signup for free of cost. Dentist clinics and dentists’ detailed profiles will be listed on multiple dental directories each associated with text enabled unique memorable toll-free vanity phone numbers. Verify your details (like contact number and email etc.) get a verified badge to gain trust with your patients. Get visibility on the web. We will provide all the features which are involved in making your practice visible on top priority to the patients who are in thirst for dental treatments.

We will assure you that new patients are added to your appointment list on a weekly or monthly basis, in turn visibility and lead generation has been enhanced for more profit and more revenue and flying on high among competitors.


1 Appointment booking by text

Patients can text their 5 digit zip code to any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

2 Appointment booking by call

Patients can call any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above and enter their 5 digit zip code when prompted to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

Appointment booking by call 2

Patients can call any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above and enter their 5 digit zip code when prompted to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

3 Appointment booking on Websites

Patients can search on any of our multiple websites tied to memorable phone numbers with their Zip code and book the appointment with any of the listed dentists on web.

Dental Specialties

You can find dentists who can perform variety of dental procedures, some of our dentists are

General dentistry

General dentists provide a wide array of services that are vital to your continued health, including, Preventive Services, Restorative Services, Cosmetic Procedures, Overall Health Concerns.

Oral Dentistry

Oral Surgeons Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions requiring the surgical intervention of the jaws and mouth.


Endodontists are highly trained in the normal functions, causes & effects of dental disease and the relationship between the two, concerning the human dental pulp.


Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned or malpositioned (teeth, gaps, overbite/underbite) or jaws using non-surgical procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

They’re dentists who specialize in oral development and care of children from infancy through their teens. Pediatric dentists help your child stay on the path to a lifelong, healthy smile.


Periodontists are dentists specializing in the care and prevention of gum-related diseases and the treatment of oral inflammation. They are also specially trained in placement, maintenance and repair of dental implants.


Prosthodontists focus on restoring and replacing lost or damaged teeth. These dentists have a unique understanding of everything that goes into a beautiful, functional, and natural-looking smile.

Emergency dentistry

Emergency dentists specialize in treating pain and stop bleeding (if any).They usually tend to Fracture of one or more teeth with displacement or partial extrusions,Infection with abscesses,Severe pain of dental origin,and a visible loss of filling in the teeth.


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